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As real estate prices continue to rise, now is the perfect time for investors to take the plunge, as it appears that their assets will only gain value in the years to come. But in which city should they build? Read on for details about which major US cities are currently leading the pack in real estate development.

Texas real estate has been on an upswing since 2014, given the fact that it has large swaths of buildable land still available–something that isn’t true of many metropolises. Austin continues this trend, as its reputation as “the tech capital of Texas” has thrived in recent years. Job growth is estimated to grow an additional 3 percent in the coming year, making it an even more attractive destination.

Last year, Dallas added more than 24,000 apartments to its roster–a level of growth surpassed only by that of the Big Apple. The city’s urban appeal, walkability, warm weather, and increasingly diverse community all add to its appeal.

The Mile High City made the short-list of possibilities for Amazon’s new headquarters earlier this year, which came as no surprise to the experts. A recent influx of apartment building and transit development has ushered in a new, exciting day for this unsung Colorado gem. The state as a whole tends to lure in younger generations, making it fertile soil for any type of investment, especially real estate.

While Seattle has gotten most of the press, its neighbor to the south shouldn’t be overlooked. The waterfront has undergone a complete renovation, including the Zidell Yards former scrap site being transformed into a hip and happening new district (this project is currently underway).

It’s time this area of the South was known for more than its contributions to the tobacco industry. Leading the revolution are the American Underground, which seeks to transform the cigarette-reeking district into a prime tech hub. There have also been solid developments in the housing industry, causing home prices in this modest city to spike nearly 17 percent from 2016 to 2017.

Salt Lake City
The robust job growth in Utah’s capital city (at 2.9 percent, one of the strongest in the country) is likely to attract a greater number of workers in the years to come, making residential real estate a hot ticket.