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As the price of smart home products comes down, they are making their way into even some of the most modest rental properties. But are they really worth it? In some cases, yes. Not only can they make things easier on renters, but they can even make things easier on owners, landlords and managers. Here are 3 tech upgrades you might consider for your rental property and why.

Smart thermostat
A smart thermostat is particularly useful for rental properties that are used as an Air BnB, seasonal or other short-term rental, particularly in very hot or cold climates. A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature remotely, so you can turn the heat down as soon as renters leave and turn it back up before the next ones are set to arrive. Smart thermostats are relatively inexpensive (less than $100) so they are generally worth the cost.

Smart locks
Most hotels made the switch to digital locks years ago and the reason they make sense to hotels is also the reason they make sense for rental properties. With smart locks, you don’t have to send a locksmith out every time you change renters, nor do you have to show up with one if you have to do a lockout. You also don’t have to show up or send someone if your renter or tenant locks themselves out either. Smart locks can save you a fortune in not just money, but time.

Smart smoke alarm/ CO2 detector
Smoke alarms and CO2 detectors can be life saving, if someone is in residence to hear them. If no one is around to hear them, however, they don’t do a lot of good. Any time a rental property sits empty, it is more susceptible to fire damage going unprotected. In addition, a smart smoke alarm/ CO2 detector will also be very attractive to renters that have pets, since they can be alerted quickly if anything is amiss so they can get their pets to safety.

Many tech products these days will run you $100 or less and you can even get bulk discounts on top of that if you have several properties. You don’t have to invest in the latest, greatest, best or top-of-the-line items, but some tech upgrades will literally pay for themselves. Which definitely makes them worth it in the end.