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Both investors and brokers must stay on top of the latest real estate trends if they want to be successful. By pinpointing which areas are stagnant and which ones have high growth potential, those with an interest in real estate will be able to stay ahead of the curve. The following nine trends are coming to the real estate industry in 2019:

Last-Mile Warehousing
In real estate, the “last mile” distribution model is gaining traction. This model helps to drive up values of older warehouses that are close to population centers.
Nathan Anderson of NAI Heartland

Underutilized Neighborhood Assets
2019 will see more people leveraging underutilized neighborhood assets. Urban markets will implement new technology to help residential properties to sell off parking areas and the like.
Susan Leger Ferraro or Peace, Love, Happiness Real Estate

Using Vacation Homes and Condos as Investments
Interest rates are on the rise and first-time home or condo buyers will find that their affordability is affected overall. Experts believe that becoming an Airbnb host or landlord is the best option for anyone looking to invest in real estate.
Beatrice de Jog of Open Listings (YC W15)

Opportunity Zones
Opportunity Zones in real estate markets that have underperformed in the past. In 2019, these markets are expected to grow.
Blake Janover, Janover Ventures

Class B Industrial Real Estate
2019 will see more capital flowing into the Class B real estate. These properties are industrial areas, like infill locations, that are priced below replacement cost, have expansive areas of land, and offer affordable rent.
Chris Powers, Fort Capital, LP

The Bahamas
Waterfront properties in the Bahamas are another 2019 trend. Compared to Florida, these Caribbean properties are relatively inexpensive and will be selling well in the coming year.
Engelo Rumora, List’n Sell Realty

New York City’s Lower East Side
Retail properties in New York City’s Lower East Side are seeing more investments as of late. These once-underwhelming properties are being seen as more habitable.
Louis Adler, REAL New York

Skid Row, Los Angeles
The Skid Row neighborhood has had problems in the past, but it has transitioned to being walkable and is positioned near transit. Its proximity to other appreciating neighborhoods is making Skid Row a more attractive choice for investors.
Ari Ashar of Compass

Kansas City
2019 will see more investors flocking to underperforming markets like Kansas City, MO. A popular market for construction, Kansas will likely enjoy a prosperous year ahead.
Nathaniel Kunes of AppFolio, Inc.

Individuals that are experienced with and novices to the real estate industry will stand to benefit from focusing on the most popular trends. Keeping these nine trends in mind will help to ensure real estate success in the coming year.